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How to get Bitcoins

Exchanges that get you access to BTC

Buying Bitcoin

How to buy Bitcoin: There are several easy ways.


  • The most common way for entry into the market is via Online Exchanges: Coinbase, Iq Option, Etoro, Bittrex any many others. Through these entities you can buy Bitcoin and many other Altcoins (Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero etc. **Note** At present there are over 1000 different Cryptocurrencies – Most are junk.)
  • You can also go to a local broker. The Agent you choose will invariably use an exchange much the same as you would have done, but there a some potential benefits. The first being that most exchanges are regulated to put limits on what a a new customer can purchase in a week. A broker allows you to bypass these limits, which is useful if one wants to purchase any  amount over a few hundred dollars. This can also (depending on amount purchased and Broker premiums) save some money in fee’s for doing multiple transactions.
  • Another method is via We do not recommend this method, however, it may be a good fit for you depending on your circumstances. A simple explanation of this is that you find a local seller, meet them at a coffee shop and do an exchange on the spot.

Market Cap 2017

The Cryptocurrency Market cap has been volatile, but the trend continues to be positive.

Acquisition strategy

Mining Crypto Coins is another way to obtain the value without a direct purchase. Establishing your own operation or joining an existing mining pool. We cover this in more depth – Click Here

Perhaps you already have a product or service that generates an income for you, if so, why not consider accepting payment it Bitcoin? It is easy to set up. No forms needed to be filled. No permission needed. Just establish a wallet and post your public key to the wallet for which you will receive the funds.

***Note*** It is recommended that you generate a new key for each payment received.

  • Buying Coin
  • Earning Coin
  • Mining Coin

Use all three methods for accumulating your BTC holdings.