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Dan Larimer

Dan Larimer

Dan is one of those rare people who is so busy working out the details of his next invention. Dan is a programmer, but I think of him more as a visionary inventor of systems.

His stated mission:

“To find free market solutions to secure life, liberty, and property for all.”

Start studying his projects they are going to be revolutionary and one can experience his inventions first-hand by participating in the social media sites, Steemit and Busy, which run on top of the Steem blockchain. (a chain of his own making) How and what is Steemit you ask? Well, instead of data being stored in a company’s central server, it’s distributed all over, in a peer-to-peer, decentralized system that is transparent. A forum that actually pays people to post new and engaging content.

This is the driving force behind the exponential growth of cryptocurrencies in recent times. Why? Because centralized systems are vulnerable to fraud, hacking, abuse of trust and wealth hoarding. Decentralized systems are not perfect, but they are much better than their centralized counterparts in these and other areas.

Dan knows this and creates system to make those centralized oppressors obsolete.







Dan’s Background

Daniel Larimer received a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Computer Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 2003. He is currently focused in the areas of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, decentralized exchanges, economic systems and freedom.


Market cap of EOS Oct-2017 (millions)
Number of people account on steemit - 2017
The programer of EOS
Validating the Blockchain Network
Marketshare of Bitcoin Growing