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Q – How Do I Set Up a Bitcoin Account / Wallet?

A: With so many different options available for you to establish your Crypto-wallet. Which do you want to use? It is almost like, deciding which bank to use, or rather, what kind of account: checking/saving, business/personal etc.

Good news here; most wallets are free, and offer you similar services. Below are a few to get started:

    • BlockChain – Global Solution – THE BEST and our Favorite!
    • Xapo – Solid security, a global solution and provides a vault
    • Coinbase – The biggest wallet
    • BitStamp – Best for EU bank wires and EU customers
    • – Very cutting edge wallet with ATM network (Philippines)
    • Do a search locally for a good wallet, something that gives you liquidity to buy and sell easily.

Please keep in mind that the above wallets are good starter wallets, but if you a buying a large amount of Bitcoin, Litcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, Ripple or any other of the hundreds of currency choices, then we strongly recommend a hardware wallet.

There are also options to have wallets stored on your computer or even offline in the form of paper wallets. Security is the most important thing when choosing a wallet and here are some popular 3rd party wallets. More on this later…. For those who can’t wait to get started, and want to experiment with small amounts, then opening an account with an exchange and using the wallet you establish with that Exchange is just fine.

Here is another good resource for choosing a wallet –

*IMPORTANT: You want to make sure you select an exchange or a wallet that will allow you to convert easily back to your local currency.

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