Bitcoin: The Peer to Peer Network and the BlockChain

Your journey into Cryptocurrencies begins here. Building the Knowledge so you can surf easily on the Bitcoin Platform of Trust

We live in a world where the the system of banking is antiquated and fragmented. For decades the centralized banking system has been without competition in the market. The experience from user to user is vastly different. Transactions vary significantly in complexity depending on how much is being sent, from where to where, from who to who. Fee’s are being charged by institutions as though they are physically moving product from one location to another when, in reality, they are doing nothing more than sending the equivalent of an email.

And then there is Bitcoin

A single network that can transmit anything. From Micro-transactions (a thousandth of a penny) to giga-transactions (100’s of Billions) in the same time with the same fee’s. Pennies to send, visible on the network in 5 seconds and clearance in 10 minutes.

Bitcoin doesn’t care about borders. It doesn’t care if the users are businesses or consumers. It doesn’t care if the device used is a super computer or a cell phone.

Bitcoin bridges the gaps and provides a universal protocol for transmitting value.

Welcome To The Future Of Money

Do you have the time to do the necessary research to capture the biggest gains in value and avoid the many pitfalls in a rapidly developing marketplace?

No one should miss out on the incredible opportunity that Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, Litecoin and other crypto currencies provide. In ten years from now many people will be saying how they wished that they had entered the Cryptocurrency marketplace today. You, right now, have that choice. If you are reading this then you are still early to the market.

But what makes one crypto coin more valuable than the others in the market? Why are many ICO’s a scam? Proof of Work – Proof of Stake – What’s the difference? Why are most of the Alternative coins created garbage? What are the benefits of a decentralized network and how does it function? The Blockchain, the Peer-to-Peer Network, Cold Storage, Crypto-Wallets, Exchanges welcome you.

Using Cryptocurrency is very easy but securing it and truly understanding the powerful benefits can take a little more effort. We are here to help.

Solutions we provide


Why pay dollars to send money when you can pay pennies using the BTC network?


Looking to diversify from wall street? Bitcoins act are a highly liquid and easily portable asset.


Why go through all the trouble of setting up an expensive offshore account with all the lawyer fees? Bitcoin is already offshore.


Buy Sell and Trade Value with anyone in the world at any time with out ever needing a bank account.

Successful Investing

How much Bitcoin is best for your portfolio? Are you planning on actively trading or just taking a position to diversify?

Next Level Security


Maybe you intend to take a large position in Bitcoin. If so, a hardware wallet is a must. There are a few different makes and models and each have their own nuances. Knowing your own specific needs makes it easier to match you up with the best protection for you.

CryptoCurrency Basics

Blockchain, Peer-to-Peer-network, Decentralized Consensus Mining, & Transaction ID; the four cornerstones of the Bitcoin Space.

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